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So- it has been too long since I put up a blog post. Which is so sad because I have three new sweaters that I can't wait to feature and I genuinely enjoy posting on this blog. Fashion is a hobby, and I suppose more than fashion, what I enjoy is style, and having a personal style and showcasing that. I often fall into the bad habit of feeling as if my clothes aren't new or nice enough to put up on a blog. I also am hesitant to post photos because I don't think the photo quality is good enough, however it has been too long, and here I am with some new stuff, some old stuff, and iPhone quality photos; and I'm happy.

This turtle neck is new. I'll be honest, I bought it being only semi-sure I loved it. I tried it on with a very cute corduroy skirt that was wildly out of my budget, and thought it looked great paired with that bottom, but wasn't sure what it would look like with the bottoms I actually own. It was on sale for almost half of its original price and decided to 'just go for it'. This is not my usual shopping attitude, but I'm glad I made that decision. I've worn this top so many times and it looks beautiful paired with almost all my bottoms. Not to mention the fact that I have never owned a turtle neck before; and am very pleasantly surprised with this look. We can also quickly address these shoes. These are actually my school shoes, which I wear all the time outside of school because they're amazing. They are however very uncomfortable, but hey, beauty hurts. (Just kidding I should take better care of my feet...)

This angle is maybe not my best- but my friend actually risked her life for this shot so... I will put it. 

Life has been a little bit challenging, but challenging in all the best ways. Developing new, exciting friendships and working harder than ever before to do well in school and be the person I'd like to be. Next on my list is to get back to posting regularly on this blog! Also- its almost Christmas. Where has this year gone?

What I'm Wearing:
Top: Gap (out of stock) similar
Pants: Very old (almost four years) similar
Shoes: Call it Spring here
Jacket: The Bay, Sold out


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