Emma: White Winter Aesthetic

As a self-professed admirer of winter and snow days, I am the first to admit that dressing for winter weather can be a daunting task. To balance warmth, waterproof-ness, style, comfort, and non-inordinate prices can be quite the difficult challenge, and more often than not, one of those things winds up compromised. You're all bundled up and cozy, but you feel like a bulky little marshmallow. You're freezing your toes off and can't see through your glasses from the steam of your own breath, but your outfit finally fits your aesthetic. 

The first word that I would use to describe my approach to winter outfits is "cozy", which I would amend to "cozy as heck" for emphasis. If it's not soft or warm, I don't want it. As evidence for this, accept this beautiful slouchy cable knit. I think that a cream white cable knit sweater is such a style staple for winter, especially if, like me, 70% of your clothing choices are sweaters. It is comfy, flattering, and the epitome of coziness. Imagine wearing this with a cup of warm tea in your mittened hands, watching the snow fall under lamplights. 
Something that I had a hard time deciding on was a pair of winter boots that would a) be waterproof and warm, b) be light and stylish enough to wear indoors at uni, and c) have a reasonable cost-per-wear ratio. It may sound silly, but my main fear in investing in Hunter boots was the fact that they are a staple of the preppy wardrobe, which, while I can admire a preppy look on the right person, is not fitting with my personal style. However, I think that by pairing these thoughtfully with other pieces that fit my desired look, they can adopt my indie-80s-cozy style that I've been striving for. 

Speaking of which, a main influence on my personal style lately has been 80s looks. I have my eyes on a faux-sherpa lined corduroy coat which will hopefully allow me to live out my Nancy Wheeler dreams, but for now, I have been living in button-through skirts. I got this denim one for 6$ in a sale, and I have been wearing it nonstop since. I love the cool indie-girl vibes this brings to any outfit, and I love the way it pairs with this oversized blazer coat. I also think that these skirts have such a flattering shape, hitting your waist and legs at just the right points. I'm afraid I'm in love 💖  *starts playing Duran Duran*
The last thing that I'd like to touch on is books. All of the books. Wintertime has always been my favourite time of year to sit down with a cozy read, and lately I have been devouring fantasy novels at a rate that is probably bad for my budget... I am in a very reading-intense uni program, which will probably hinder my reading rate, but I want to read at least one book just for myself each month. Reading is such a special treat, and if I have one resolution for 2018, it's to do more of it.

Me pretending to read my book for class, which I should be reading right now, but instead I'm writing this post...
-sweater: Aerie
-skirt: F21, similar
-Hunter boots
-coat: Vero Moda, sold out, similar
-hat: F21, super old
-backpack: Hershel (thanks dad!!!)

Also huge thanks to my dad for taking these photos!! Pros of having an amateur photographer as your dad 🙌


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