Emma: Procrastination!

It's that time of semester right now where all of my essays are due in the next two weeks, and while I'm generally alright with that, there is nothing I'd like to do less than write my Economics essay or compile ALL of the stats for my social research. Nope. So, let's pretend I'm not stressed and enjoy the suddenly warm weather! I've been itching to wear this jacket by itself since I got it. To be honest, it's a bit stretched out in this photo because I've worn it for about a week straight... Woops! I feel slightly uncomfortable in this longer skirt, just because I'm not used to rocking classy silhouettes like this. But, if I never try I never will, so I'd better start now! 

Outfit deets:
-jacket, Old Navy
-skirt, Modcloth, sold out
-top: old, F21
-flats, Modcloth, sold out


  1. I feel your pain Emma, don't even get me started on procrastination! But for now, soak up the sunshine in your adorable outfit! 😊

  2. Awh, you're too sweet, Sumeyye! <3 In the end, I managed to finish everything up and it was much less painful than I expected it to be!

  3. Oh goodness, thank you Michaela!


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