Guin: Fashion Show 2k16

Me and  two very strong friends

  Guin: Fashion Show 2016

So this fashion show was looking like it was going to be nothing but smiles and fun. Then we got some truly terrible news. One of my friend's mother had passed away two days before the show. The whole school was really affected and we all wanted to support her and her sister as much as possible. We were at a stand still, a couple of minutes before the dress rehearsal my class sat together and discussed what we should do. We decided that what would be best is to go along with the original plan and carry out the fashion show. In tears we promised we would continue with the original plan but we promised we would do it in honor of our friend, her family and her mom. I guess I'm giving you this info because it makes the whole show more special. It was not just all fun, some parts were very hard those parts were made amazing by the strength of our friend who despite her devastating loss only two days before was there modelling and smiling and laughing.
So with that in mind here's the story behind the fashion show. So before the fashion show there was actually a talent show. I however, go to a tiny school and we could not get enough acts to pull together a long enough fashion show. So, what the teachers came up with was the idea of a fashion show. Thankfully my school is full of fashion enthusiasts. There was one main problem we had no money to work with so, we did not know how to get the clothes we needed. After much deliberation it was decided that people should bring in their favourite pieces that fit in the categories of, tropical, bohemian and glam. I unfortunately am not the most feminine dresser, so I did not have much in the way of those styles, but I brought what I could!
The outfit making process was fun but hectic, Juliana the main designer (also a dedicated fan of this blog!) invited us all into the room with piles and piles of clothes. It was chaos at first but slowly thing came together. Domenica the most dedicated backstage manager out there spent hours on organizing the timing. We spent tons of time practicing "the walk". Juliana who has modeled in fashion shows before (this chick basically can do anything... I'm serious) was yelling "three seconds poses!" and "smaller steps!". It was so much fun and as the date came closer the excitement level just rose. Overall the fashion itself as an amazing experience that was very refreshing break from all the craziness of school and work! I have two posts worth of pictures ready! I hope to post soon about the stress of this time of year and the importance of taking a break.

I've added a snap back to my wardrobe...


  1. AWWWWWWWWW.....I love this post! You know I will always be your #1 fan! I am so happy we did it when we did and I am sure Emily's mom was and is very proud! Can't wait for next years!!!!! I will start organizing it a few months in advance instead of a few :P


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