Emma: Quick Crown Braid Tutorial

As a person with short, fine, frustratingly straight hair, I tend to stick to a hair routine that I know works. However, I have started trying to branch out and try new things to improve my hair skills instead of just pining over Pinterest-worthy updos. This is my sort of hack to get a romantic crown braid for short hair! A problem with braiding hair like mine is that it never stays where you want it to, and while a messy braid is lovely, straggly baby hairs sticking out everywhere is not the classy look you're usually going for. Solution? Rolling those extra hairs into the ends of the braids! 
This is my first attempt at a tutorial, and I'm aware that it might not be super clear, so any advice would be lovely! If you try this out, let me know, I'd love to see how it turns out! 
P.S. I'm sure this would look adorable with longer hair, you could even weave the extra hair into a low bun!

Quick Crown Braid for Short Hair

  1.  Braid! Make two VERY loose french braids along your crown. I started from just behind my bangs, but a regular side braid would work if you don't have a fringe like mine. Leave about an inch of hair at the end of the braid and pin it in place, you'll need that braid tail for step 2!
  2. Mini ponytail: If you have short hair, you know that once you get to the bottom of your french braid, there's a lot of hair leftover! Take this and the hair you left from each braid in step 1 and make an itty bitty ponytail with a small clear elastic. Feel silly while doing so!
  3. Roll it! Create a small hole in your hair just above the ponytail by pulling the hair apart with your fingers. Then, roll the ponytail in and pin like it's going out of style! 
  4. Enjoy! Pin up or pull out any loose hairs for whatever effect you'd like. I enjoy putting my hair like this while it's wet and getting that wavy hair blowout in the late afternoon :) This look would be great for a day when you don't want your hair getting in the way, or for something more special!


  1. HI EMMA! I don't know if Guin sent them to you but I did this on my hair and wore it to school! ;)

    1. Yes, she did!!! I'm happy the tutorial worked XD and you totally rocked it, it looks wonderful with the bun!! <3


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