Emma: Autumn Essentials

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well and having a lovely autumn. I thought I would take a minute to show you some of the things I've been loving recently as the weather has certainly turned very autumnal around here!

I can no longer pack enough layers under my denim jacket to stay warm... Which of course meant a new autumn coat!! This one is a simple wool blend coat from Topshop. I had initially intended on getting a grey coat, but once I was in the store, I simply couldn't resist the burgundy! This coat is super soft and cozy, and while I wouldn't usually go for a coat with zippered pockets, I'm a sucker for gold hardware... I was so pleasantly surprised at how soft and warm this coat is. I can't wait to wear it with simple black jeans and boots!

Having just finished midterms, I have been loving being able to wind down at the end of the day with a comforting candle. These are both fairly old candles from Bath & Body Works, but I'll link up some similarly scented candles. The Winter candle just fills my heart with Christmas cheer (I know it's still October, let me be happy). 

Clothes!! I've been mainly drawn to tops and sweaters this autumn, as one is prone to be... I've been loving any and all graphic printed sweaters lately, and this raglan from Old Navy was too cute to pass up. I have my eyes on a Whistles jumper as a treat to myself for Christmas, but shh! I've also been loving the ruffle trend at the moment. I find ruffled tops so feminine, and they can really dress up a simple pair of jeans. Another Old Navy purchase, this blouse is such a lovely stormy grey that goes with anything plaid. I seem to be having a moment with turtlenecks too lately! They are just so cozy, yet presentable enough for class on Monday morning. Also, blanket scarves. Need I say more?

Autumn beauty!!! These are a few of the beauty bits I've been loving to use recently. Since getting this October's ipsy bag in the mail, I've been so happy to use this absolutely adorable pouch to carry all my little necessities in.

First of all, this eyeshadow palette. This is the Maybelline Blushed Nudes palette, and I have literally been using this on a daily basis (you can totally tell which shades I've been digging into!) I love all the light pinks and taupe-y shades in here, as well as the more sparkly, coppery ones. I've been loving a rusty, sparkly eye recently, and this palette makes my autumn shadow dreams come true!!

Now for some more beauty! I really enjoy a bit more coverage in Autumn, and the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation has totally been there for me (I use True Beige). It's more of a medium coverage, but it totally has this your-skin-but-better feel to it. The one downside to me is that it has a very poor range of shades; I use True Beige and that's the darkest one, which is not very accessible for people with darker skin tones.
I received this tréStique lip crayon in the October ipsy bag, and it is just the perfect on-the-go autumn shade that will never look too heavy. I've loved just having this in my bag. Next, I have the Benefit Cha Cha Balm mini. This is perfect for me when I want to fix dry midday lips, but don't want to ruin my nude lipstick underneath. I also have the Sephora lip liner pencil in the shade deep aubergine. It's such a nice berry tone, and goes perfectly under a berry liquid lipstick for all day wear! I also have the eyeko Eye Do Liquid Liner, because who doesn't love a bit of liner in autumn?
I actually try to mostly get mini products at stores like Sephora because a) they're better on the bank, and b) I never use up a full tube of any makeup product anyway (besides concealer, we've all been there...), so it's often wasteful if I buy the full-size product. Just some food for thought!

Rose jam is back!! This is just the loveliest rose scented shower gel from Lush. They only bring it ou for the Christmas season, but it is so worth trying if you want a little treat four yourself! I may or may not have my eyes on the 1L bottle....

I hope you've enjoyed these autumn picks! Of course there's some things I've left out, such as my Joules wellies or my trusty Arthurian novel, but these are the things I've been reaching for daily. I'd love to hear your autumn essentials for this year!

Autumn candles here and here
Navy cable turtleneck, Winners, similar here and here
Lush Rose Jam (such a good Christmas gift!!!!!)


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