Emma: Burgundy and Blush

Winter is very much a season in which I develop a sort of uniform. This usually tends to involve black jeans and cozy knits, for which I have zero complaints! Inspired by Alix from I Covet Thee, I have been really drawn to blush pink this winter. It is my favourite colour all year round, but I haven't really worn much of it until this winter. I love piling on cozy layers in different shades of blush, just to add a little chic to my grandma palette ;)

To take these photos, Gabe and I braved the cold one afternoon following class. In the summer, this square is filled with tourists taking photos of the old Basilica and admiring M. de Champlain, but it was too icy and cold, meaning that we were the only people crazy enough to go! Despite forgetting his boots and gloves, Gabe did an amazing job taking my photos (as always) and put up with my incredible pickiness! 

-coat: Topshop, sold out
-knit sweater: F21, not available online, similar
-jeans: AEO
-boots: Old Navy, sold out, similar
-scarf: H&M
-bag: H&M, sold out, similar


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