Emma: Finals Uniform and Flowers on my Jeans

I have two finals to study for tomorrow, but here we are. It's a win-win scenario when my procrastination takes the form of productivity for once, right? Jeans and a cozy sweater tends to be my uniform at the end of semester, but I have found a winning pair of jeans. I got these recently from Forever 21, of all places, and they are absolutely wonderful. I honestly think that they have won the place of best jeans in my wardrobe... I probably didn't need a new pair of jeans, but I've wanted embroidered mom jeans for ages, so once again, here we are! 

It has been a rather dreary spring here in Montreal. There have been few sunny days in the last month, and this past week Montreal was hit with record floods due to rainfall... Whilst I wait excitedly for blooms and cherry blossom trees, I can't lie but say that I'm very happy with this weather. Moody weather is perfect for me :) I get to layer up and wear my florals on my jeans! Is it just me who can't get enough of pastel in spring? This coat has been the perfect addition that bring all of my casual, cozy pieces together in this cooler weather. I also finally got a backpack, which was met with lots of excitement from Guin ;)

-sweater: H&M, similar
-jeans: F21, similar from Topshop
-jacket: F21, similar
-loafers: Zara
-glasses: Bonlook
-watch: Olivia Burton


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