Guin: Grandpa Chique?

This outfit is something you would see me wearing on any average day. If you haven't already noticed I'm not very into form fitting or especially colourful pieces. Last year I had a vision for my wardrobe- that I would have a great collection of navy blue items. This has become a reality, however now the vast majority of the time you'll find me wearing: something navy blue. I actually never wear black, I always wear navy blue. This outfit is a prime example of that. 


Next to navy blue, the next best thing is, anything beige toned. These neutral colours match any and all the pieces I've ever owned. This cardigan is something I forgot that I owned. (Emma gave it to me a while ago!) When putting this outfit together I saw this cardigan on a hanger and thought it was a little bit 'granny' but then thought to myself "What's wrong with that?" It is a super cute cardigan and both my grandmothers are some of the most amazing people  in my life. Why not channel their styles?

I thought I could mention this hair style briefly. My brothers like to call this the "boy repellent". I find this very comical. Some of you may or may not know: I have six brothers. The four older ones have one set goal in life: to make sure that they tease me about everything and anything until the cows come home. If I mention any small interest in a boy they do a background check on the guy and come up with an endless list of terrible jokes with which they proceed to torment me. Gotta love em' (I really do love them a lot) 

What I'm wearing:
Pants: Old Navy 
Shirt: Men's, Joe Fresh 
Belt: H&M 
Cardigan: Old 
Shoes: Costco 
Bag: Little Burgundy 


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