Guin: A New Watch

It's summer, and for so many reasons I'm so excited, but I'm not very hype about the whole summer fashion thang. In terms of my wardrobe I'm always lacking in summer clothes. The colours of the season wash me out as a general rule, so I don't have very many. Also, layering has become a key aspect to my style and in the summer it is just too warm to layer. Wearing a jacket with this outfit was thoroughly unnecessary and it turned me into a sweaty mess, but without it- I would have been wearing only jeans and a t-shit!

I got a new watch! Last Friday my watch fell apart, the small screws that attach the band to the watch face just fell out! So I went to good ol' Sears, and found this beauty for very inexpensive. I like the minimalistic style and so far it has proven versatile enough to match all of my outfits. What I miss about my old watch is that it was very simple, I'm a little bit afraid that this watch might not serve me as well, but so far it has been golden. 

Very aesthetic shopping bag 
This summer I've got a few goals in terms of how I'd like to spend the small amount of money I've allocated to purchasing fashion items. I'd love to buy a pair of overalls- I think they would match my style and I could wear them all year round! I'd also like to purchase some round rose gold circular glasses. I do like the glasses that I have, but they do not match all of my outfits, and it would be cool to have a 'special occasion pair'. Finally I'm hoping to get another edgy pair of dress shoes, that make a statement while still fitting my style! (Also hopefully I'll have 20cm less hair in my next post!)

-Top: Old, similar
-Jacket: Old, Zara (Sold Out)
Jeans: Old Navy, here
Shoes: Costco, sold out, similar
Belt: Old, similar
Bandana: Old, similar


  1. You're so cute! Nice watch. I need a new one for camp and will be looking at sears thanks to you :)

  2. Thanks Judith! You can be stylish at camp, while simultaneously not spending too much!


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