Emma: On Shorts and Body Positivity

Hello, friends! I hope your summer is going well so far and that you are not overwhelmed with climate-change related fear and anxiety concerning extreme weather patterns... Today I thought that I would take some time to talk about something that is important to me, and that I think a lot of young girls and women of all ages struggle with in the summer months: body positivity.

I don't want to make this a political post (women's bodies shouldn't be topics of political debate anyhow...). But, I thought I'd share that I do struggle with body positivity, especially in the summer. I think many other girls can relate to the anxiety of putting on shorts that seem to flaunt all the things you want to hide. For me, I've always felt like my stomach and back were too big while my bum and legs were too small, making shorts a total no-go even in extreme heat. I still shy away from sleeveless tops and most pairs of shorts. Even as I type up this post, I am tempted to criticize and pick apart my body in each photo rather than rejoice in how happy and comfortable I look. I love this outfit, I love Gabe (who kindly, grudgingly took these photos), I love the ice cream we ate 15 minutes beforehand, and I love my body. Or, at least, I'm trying.  I want my blog posts this summer to be a positive space, where I can feel comfy and confident in what I wear! That includes figuring out how I want to dress in the summer, and being radically positive about it!! 

-sweater: H&M
-shorts: old, F21
-satchel: F21
-sneakers: Keds
-glasses: Bonlook


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