Emma: Messy Bun

Lately I just want to be as cozy as is physically possible. I would like to wear knits upon knits with coffee and coats, preferably cuddling my kitten at all times, please! University has been really difficult for me so far. Academically it's been absolutely fine and I'm actually doing very well! Other than crippling imposter syndrome (which is very normal!), it's more that I have discovered that my uni choice was the wrong one. 

I always doubt my gut on big decisions. When choosing my university I had two options, and I went against my gut and it was the wrong big decision. I hate my campus and I despise the atmosphere of the school (protip: Open House days aren't a scam 😂. ). My university campus is essentially a downtown intersection, and it is constantly full of busy rushing people with whom I have so very little in common. I just feel so out of place and uncomfortable all the time, and that has made me so unmotivated for my courses. My pride in my schoolwork and my love of school is something that I have always loved about myself, and having that go away because of my university choice has been very difficult. However, I have a transfer lined up for next fall and I just need to make the most of this year! I'm trying to view this as an experience where I can learn to trust myself more in the future. 

On a more fashionable note,  I have been having to hold back from purchasing every oversized sweater I see... I did cave for this one though, it is so freaking soft and cozy! I also love the relaxed high neck and its more rounded shape. It's slouchy and comfy but still flattering on my short frame. I also finally figured out how to scrape my short hair into a full, messy bun and I am so happy about it!! The method? Attacking your hair by teasing it with a full hairbrush (parental supervision is recommended 😅 ). I  would also like to mention my tattoo, which was definitely a highlight of October for me! It is also fairly descriptive of my life right now since I am either reading or thinking about my readings 24/7 lately... 

-sweater: dreamers via Marshalls
-jeans: AEO, old
-boots: Old Navy, old
-watch: Olivia Burton, old
-scarf: H&M, old


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