Emma: Cold Cold Cold

In my enduring quest to channel relaxed 80s / bookworm vibes, I decided to pair this faux sherpa-lined denim jacket with this burgundy turtleneck, and it totally worked! I mean, sure, I was freezing by the end of this shoot, but I love the way the burgundy pairs with the lining. I actually got this jacket 75% off at an Old Navy sale in January, which was quite possibly my most exciting purchase of 2018 so far. And in the end, it is surprisingly warm and cozy! It's a size too big for me, making it an unintended-but-cozy boyfriend fit. In order to make the jacket a bit more flattering, I find that pairing it with high-waisted jeans or trousers really breaks up the bulkiness of it and adds the right librarian touch.  

One of the goals I have set for myself this February is to not buy new clothes. This is not only due to my fairly restricted student budget, but I would like to work on getting more creative with the items that are currently in my wardrobe. This being said, the emphasis is on no new clothes: I want to get into thrifting! Not only is Guin much more conscious than me on the social and ethical issues with fast fashion, but I really want to start walking the talk I make about being an environmentalist. I know that I am guilty of buying clothes to only wind up wearing them once or twice, and I want to break that habit by shopping at local charity thrift stores (and online at Thredup!). I also want to focus my spending more on things that make my brain happy, like books and journalling supplies. 

I was v cold and in need of caffeine here☕

-jacket: Old Navy, sold out, similar
-top: thrifted via Thredup
-jeans: Topshop
-scarf: F21, old
-boots: Asos


  1. that jacket is so cute (and what a great deal you got on them)!! I too want to start getting into thrifting; it looks like so much fun to go hunting for great finds while at the same time save money as well :)


    1. Aw thank you Toni! I love rifling through everything at charity shops to try and find a gem :)

      Much love,



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