Guin: The Thrifted Christmas Sweater

There is only one season I can get away wearing this beautiful thing and that is winter. This sweater is probably my all-time favorite thrift-ed item. It is made out of authentic alpaca fur, which although is a little itchy at first, becomes so incredibly comfortable as you wear it more! My friends will often make fun of the fact that as soon as December begins my inner alpaca emerges. It can be thrown over any outfit and is often the star of any ootd. I strongly recommend if you do not already have a fierce thrift-ed sweater to go to your local thrift shop and pick out the one that speaks to you the most! I hope to post more often between the next few days before Christmas! I'm visiting Montreal for the next two weeks so maybe Emma and I will post together! A huge thanks to all the people who take time to take a look at our page! P.S I'M SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS

What I'm Wearing 

Sweater: Thrifted
Slacks: Iuccero


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