Emma: Florals, Anyone?

Hello, everyone! I hope you're all doing well. I'm so happy I finally get to break out my florals and longer skirts. As a petite, I find it difficult to wear midi skirts properly in the winter, as they don't work super well under a giant parka and tall boots. I also have a great love for this Closet London dress! The fit is amazing for my figure - it minimizes what I would like minimized, and I have a long torso, so the lower waist is amazing. 
This outfit, for me, sort of sums up what I love about fashion personally. For me, it's all about confidence. I choose to dress in a way that makes me feel beautiful and confident. I could totally just wear jeans and comfy knit sweaters to school every day, and I would be super cozy, but it wouldn't give me the same confidence that a pretty dress and sweet flats will. There's nothing wrong with dressing for comfort, or with wearing jeans and t-shirts! If that is what makes you feel comfortable and confident then wear them! But this is what gives me confidence, and what others think about that doesn't (or shouldn't) matter. 

Also, I actually did my hair! It's a (very) messy crown braid :) 

dress: Closet London via Modcloth (sold out)
cardigan: old, Joe Fresh
flats: old, F21


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