Style Redefintion (my mid-16 year old crisis)

I have been thinking a lot recently about my style. I don't know  about you but I found Emma's last post very insightful. Ones style

should bring about confidence and you should feel comfortable in what you wear. My question is what if you love the clothes but they don't bring about that feeling of confidence. I have been thinking about this, and whether or not I feel confident in my style. I've always gone for the more tomboy vibe. I love collared shirts and baggy pants. I think my worst enemy in my style journey myself. I've let people define my style because I want to please them. When in reality what  they think should should not matter that much. It's again, not that I don't like the clothes I've been wearing recently, but they conjure these unnecessary insecurities. This summer I will try to get things that I love and not be influenced by anyone else. This outfit is an exception to the rule. This outfit was my Easter outfit and let me tell you; I loved it. I got  this dress on super sale after spending ages online in deliberation wondering whether or not to get it. I can throw a leather jacket or jean jacket on top with a whit hoody and it's an outfit that I love. Also every once in a while I love dressing up. What I'll be doing in the next couple of weeks is redefining my style, getting rid of any labels I've labeled myself as in my brain (my oh so complicated teenage girl brain) and begin to think about what will make me feel confident and beautiful.

On point ;)

What I'm Wearing
T-shirt Dress: Old Navy
Scarf: It's my mom's maternity pashmiina (bahahah)
shoes: Payless


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