Emma: A Classic Look

It had been too long since I'd put on a midi skirt, and I've been feeling more classic vibes lately, so these photos happened! I used to be really into snapping up all of the prints I could get my hands on, but now I am feeling more of a pull towards classic silhouettes, basic colours, and feminine flair.  This is something that I would definitely wear to class, or just for lunch out. Who says you need an occasion to get put-together? 
Also, let me just talk about these flats: the whole lace-up flat trend was something initially thought looked silly, then I moved on to thinking it just wasn't for me, and now here we are with my favourite pair of flats being lace-ups... I may or may not have had the same experience with an off-shoulder ruffle top that's on its way in the mail, you'll have to wait and see ;) Either way, I love how these little cuties can make anything look more current and put-together! I'm thinking of investing in a burgundy pair for fall...

-shirt and skirt: old, F21
-satchel: old, co-lab via Winners
-lace-up flats: Forever via Winners
-belt: came with Closet London Dress
-watch: ardene
-glasses: idea

Bonus picture: my face of terror after discovering a giant wasp nest near where I was standing


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