Guin: On a bright summer's day

This summer, was the summer I got my first "grown up" job. It's a really great job, all things considered. I work in the fashion industry as a research and communications assistant for a company known as TREnDS. It's so great to work in the fashion industry as a summer job. However it can get pretty stressful and as someone who gets easily overwhelmed it has been a more intense summer than I've ever had.

But I can't complain because it is a really great job that has taught me so much! I work a lot with Eco-fashion which is really, really empowering I will hopefully make an entire post about it soon!

I've been reading up on the anthropology and philosophy behind fashion and it is also really, really interesting! The more research I do the more excited I am about the blog! Yay fashion!

This outfit is a little different than usual. I don't often wear such flowy dresses or general... But I received this from my front neighbor's daughter and I have to say I've fallen quite in love with it. I think it's super flattering and is just edgy enough to fit my style in a weird way. It also quite retro which I have come to appreciate more and more. The weather was also beautiful today! It was such a beautiful day, my family went to the beach, and I just couldn't not go outside, so instead of feeling sorry for myself I decided to get nicely dressed and recreate an outfit I would wear at the beach!  Today as soon as I finished work, I ran outside to take photos!

 Funny story- I took these photos on my own and I needed something to prop up the camera... so I looked around and wasn't finding anything and in a moment of desperation (and laziness, I could have easily gone inside to get a book) I took my brother's dump truck and used the bucket of his truck to prop up my camera... Who needs a boyfriend when you've got a dump truck?

Dress: Hand me down
glasses: Little burgundy


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