Emma: Strawberry Picking!

It was your typical hot, painfully bright summer day without a cloud in the sky, so Gabriel and I went strawberry picking at a farm within biking distance of my home. We hardly blended in amidst the crowds of families and swaths of daycamp children, but we had a lot of fun selecting the best strawberries we could find. Gabriel kept criticizing me for picking the little ones, but they're just too cute! Days like today are the kind of thing I like about summer: doing special things just for fun. Having the time (and weather) to get out and have an adventure, if just for the afternoon. 

As Gabriel and I were getting ready to leave, we got to reflect on our favourite thing about living in Canada. We were making our way to the tractor, and as a gaggle of red-haired, giggling girls romped off its rickety steps, they bumped into a Latin American man with his large family, wearing a sombrero, and ran past a group of women chatting about their day in Arabic. And this was a totally normal sight for us, and I think that that is what makes Canada wonderful. Its culture is a multitude of cultures coexisting.

You can see my selfie taking in action if you look into Gabriel's glasses...
-blouse, old, H&M
-satchel, old, Globo
-shorts, Old Navy
-sunglasses, Old Navy
-sandals, really old, Target


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