Guin: A beautiful Day and a Good Coat

This past couple of months has been really insane. With schoolwork and extra curricular stuff, I've been draining in work. However, I've maintained interior peace and really taken things day by day. I've gotten into photography and have really fallen in love with nature and exploring to relieve stress. A trick to set yourself up for a good day is when you first step outside, find something beautiful and appreciate it. let it fill you with joy and refer back to that when you think you just can't take it anymore.

As the temperature drops, snow arrives and everything becomes all the more beautiful. The natural sparkle of the snow, and the hints of pink in the sunrises are truly magnificent. The past two years I've had my autumn coat, which I'll be honest, I loved. This year however it was time for a new one. The zipper was not working and one of the pockets was almost fully detached from the rest of the jacket. I  purchased this one at the Bay, and it was a little more on the expensive side, but it was worth every penny. The best thing about this coat, is that is is sustainable and made of recycled materials only! The next best thing about this coat is it.s side zipper. It adds a unique twist and separates it from the rest of the grey coats out there nowadays.

This jacket can be styled in so many ways, as seen in the previous picture, with a chunky blanket scarf (my one true love), or as seen above open and with a beanie and a cute mini-satchel. If you're wondering, these photos were all taken at different times. I have been trying to get a good photoshoot in for a long time. What's ended up happening is that I only like one of the many photos that had been taken. I realized that the common item in all the shoots was this coat and so decided to make it the highlight of my post! 

coat: The Bay, similar
Scarf: Dynamite, old, similar
Satchel: thrifted, similar


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