Emma: Tired Brain and New Ideas

I am in a part of my school life right now where I am just so exhausted. My brain is done, and I just want to curl up and watch documentaries on Netflix with ice cream. But at the same time, I am having so many ideas about how to change up my style, my hair, this blog, not to mention inspirations for new projects, everything! The question is, how to execute these ideas without becoming addicted to coffee...

This is an outfit I never would have imagined wearing a year ago, but I really loved how it turned out. I've really been gravitating to more classic, natural pieces lately, and I'm really feeling more myself in every outfit like this! Don't worry, I haven't abandoned florals and polka dots, I just plan on wearing them differently in the future *cue evil laughter*. Something I've also been doing lately is just allowing myself no-makeup days. It's too easy to get caught up in how I should look, and letting my face breathe can be so liberating! I'm really excited to start styling new pieces and branching out more this spring. But until then, I am going to need to wait for the weather to warm up, and I am going to need a whole lot of sleep... 

bag: Olivia + Joy, similar
jeans: AEO
denim jacket: Old Navy, old, similar
sweater: F21
necktie: Aphorism, unavailable online, similar
glasses: Bonlook


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