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So it has definitely been too long since I've posted. There are certain things I have been wearing all of the time that I have not featured on the blog. I struggle to find time to take blog photos, (not to mention photographers). All excuses aside, I have really missed posting and am happy to be back.

I would first like to comment on this cardigan. It was a birthday gift from my host family in Toronto (they are the absolute sweetest.) It is everything I have ever wanted in a sweater. It is grey, so soft, and matches with literally everything. It is not an exaggeration when I say I wear it almost everyday. After school I'll throw it on, on top of my uniform and it is so warm and cozy. It's just a plus that it happens also to be stylish. 

This. shirt. is. my. life. Not only have I layered this shirt with basically every other shirt I own, but it is the comfiest, coziest, and overall best shirt, basically ever. As I said, it is perfect for layering and also perfect for just wearing on its own. ALSO, the embroidered print says "Do it with love" which is basically my motto. I really have nothing but praise for this top. I've been loving wearing it with the sleeves rolled up at the cuffs. 

My good ol' Oxfords, still coming in clutch. I still remember saving up for this pair, and waiting for them to go on sale. I desperately need a new pair. These have served me so well, and they are certainly a staple, however they have seen better days. Due to overuse, the tips are no longer leather and it's rough times. This belt is also something I throw on basically all the time. Tan leather belt: what more could you ask for?

I make this face 100% of the time, why am I so awks?
top: Zara, sold out
Jeans: Old Navy
cardigan: Winners, sold out 
belt: H&M
shoes: Payless, sold out 

**Let me quickly address the elephant in the room and say: we've changed the name of the blog. Emma and I thought it would be more sustainable and we just thought it was an overall good idea. Let us know what you think about it in the comments

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