Emma: On Being Candid

I have social anxiety. Maybe this is an overshare, maybe it's not, but either way, the reality of social anxiety is that I don't like talking about social anxiety. It's kind of part of the name. I used to be very good at following along like a good social sheep. Others laugh, I laugh. Someone looks excited, smile. I learned how to pretend that my brain wasn't yelling at me to escape the situation. Lately, due to my trouble fitting in at my current university, it has become very difficult to keep up with the social act. I'll often be staring off into space, stuck in a spiral of self criticism, which keeps me from being able to be candidly myself. 

I LOVE candid photographs. Whenever I take photos for Guin, I always try and make a joke about her "politician face" or something about how she's standing to get her to laugh while I snap the shot. But when it comes to being the subject of the photographs, I have such a hard time dragging myself out of that anxious mind-frame. I get so focused on looking artsy or feminine or pinterest-worthy that I just forget that being myself is okay too. I want to laugh more, and be okay with it. 

I really love this blouse - it makes me feel like I belong in a cozy bookshop rifling through some antiques. The morning we took these photos Guin and I did some homework in a lovely little cafe, and this shirt felt very fitting. It pairs really well with a surprising amount of the bottoms in my wardrobe, and the quality of the chiffon material is so nice. I'm obsessed with the puffed sleeves! I think this will also transition well into summer, and will hopefully help stem my well-known hatred of summer clothes. 

-blouse: Gap
-jeans: ASOS
-boots: ASOS
-coat: Vero Moda, Marshalls, similar
-backpack: Herschel 


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