Guin: A Beautiful Day (and a good friend)

This is my best friend Judith. She is from a city two hours west of Toronto called Kitchener. I met her at the summer camp we both go to, four years ago. She's really bold in the way she dresses. I don't think I've ever met anyone who was as confident in finding unique pieces in all kinds of places. She shops at thrift stores and obscure boutiques; piecing things together  that anyone else wouldn't have thought to wear, and it always looks amazing. I admire this about her, among many other things of course. For example, she stayed over at my place in Montreal for a week during my March break. She was going through my closet and found this red polar fleece sweater I never wear. She paired it with these amazing oxford flats and mom-style jeans. 

This is a look I don't think I ever would have worn a year ago. This fluffy grey sweater would have been a faux-pas in my books. Recently, I find myself more and more comfortable in less formal clothes. Some might laugh at me, but I've been wearing a collared shirt and a pullover sweater every day when I'm not wearing a uniform. This year has been overwhelming in new ways and I've found myself less concerned with my outfits, (hence the complete lack of posts) Funnily enough, what has happened is I wear what I really like, I've started to dress more authentically and less as if I'm always trying to make a point. It's refreshing to dress in a beautiful, yet simple way. I firmly believe that fashion is a language, but I don't think that it needs to be complicated. 

Judith is unashamedly authentic. Her most admirable quality is how she stays true to who she is and what she believes regardless of outside opinions or pressures. She is really good at ignoring peer pressure and helping others to stay true to themselves in a way a real friend would. She also does not compromise when it comes to those she loves and I will be eternally grateful not only for her friendship but for her role in helping me be a better friend to others. She also inspires my fashion choices as I bought a pair of flats incredibly similar to the ones she's wearing in this post. (She takes much better care of hers...)

Emma gave me this beautiful blouse. I love the embroidered detail. The colours are not what I would have chosen last year but have found myself gravitating toward recently. Soft pinks and light blues are everything I love in this world. 

Jude is very silly. She talks in Vines only and channels her inner child more often than not. 

This is why you don't pretend there isn't a foot on the ground... *clenches fist*


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