Guin: A Day Downtown

This weekend I did what I love most; spending a day downtown. I used to go downtown several times a week and then I decided I should focus more on studying and go downtown less... Although it was a hard thing to carry out.. I did it! So when I go downtown I take advantage to pull out those items wouldn't necessarily wear on a regular day. I went for an intensely comfortable dress, in my favourite colour (obviously burgundy!). I am so starting to get into the Christmas spirit! I was so excited when I was walking past the skating rinks and the giant Christmas trees! I will continue to try to post more! Have an awesome week!  

What I'm Wearing

-Blanket scarf, Dynamite
-Pea-coat, Old Navy
-Blue men shirt F21 men
-Dress, F21
-Shoes, Lequipeur
-Leggings (so old), Garage 


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