Emma: Dots on Dots!!

Yes, yes, I am reposting the same skirt. Just goes to show its versatility! It's black with tiny white polka dots that are so small it's nearly a neutral! Which allows me to wear it with more polka dots :) due to my extensive polka-dot collection, this is crucial! Also, on these boots: I got them last spring, and I was in LOVE with bright yellow rainboots, but I chose to go for a cheaper, no-name brand pair. Yikes. Within a month, the soles were completely worn out and actually led to a knee injury! However, they will work for a cute photo, and I'm planning on investing in a better pair in the same colour this spring (hello, Hunters!). 
Also, while I took these pictures, the sun was setting behind me, making the lightly falling snow sparkle as it touched down, and birds sang in the quiet, muffled noise of snowfall. It was quite lovely, and reminded me why I love winter :) 

-parka: Liz Claireborne
-sweater: Old Navy
-blouse: old, F21
-skirt: Old Navy
-tights: Joe Fresh
-rainboots: ?? They say UK London on
 them, but I don't know 
if that is in fact the brand
-bag: K Studio


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