Emma: Snow Day

So, after lots of fun times and family dinners, Guin is back in Toronto and we're back to our old routines... almost. The title of this post is sort of misleading, as I am actually still on my winter break from college until January 20th. I'm both excited and nervous to go back as I'll finally be starting my new program that I am expecting to enjoy so much more! However, since my previous program allowed me to coast and get A+s, I'm worried that I may have lost my work ethic. Meanwhile, I am enjoying every minute of my winter wonderland at home! I could honestly live somewhere that had snow all year round and be so happy :) Here's to a new year of love and adventures!

As Guin would put it, I am "low-key" in love with this picture ;)

blouse, old, F21
cardigan: F21
skirt: Old Navy
tights: Joe Fresh
socks: ??
boots: Prospector, similar
parka: Liz Claireborne
scarf: ??

Also, I love love love sweet collars like this one! If anyone knows where I can find tops with cute collars that are budget friendly, let me know! 


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