Guin: Back Home to the tropics

I have to say, coming from Montreal was pretty difficult!I really miss all my amazing friends and family. I also really (oddly enough) miss the snow.  The mild weather here in Toronto is continuously making me sick! I need the cold to kill all the germs so I can be healthy! New years has passed and although I'm not one to make resolutions I do aspire to things, as I find a new year refreshing! No promises but I will be trying extra hard to continue posting on Sundays!!  I also cannot lie, being back in Toronto is also amazing! I do love this crazy city! I have been doing a lot more "nature trecking" and its incredibly refreshing! Being able to comfortably stroll around with an unzipped coat is brilliant!


Without these I would be a lost soul.

What I'm wearing
Boots: UK2LA
Pants: Joe Fresh
Sweater: thridted
Scarf: EMMA
Beanie: CC exclusives
Coat: Utex Canada (available at Costco)


  1. awwwww....cute! I still check your blog. I was waiting for you to post this so I could :)


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