Emma: T-Shirt and Jeans??

Funny story, these jeans! I'd been hunting around the internet for a nice pair of comfy, blush pink jeans that I could wear with any top in a pinch. My usual go-to for low priced, better quality denim (Old Navy) didn't have anything pink, so I took a look at Forever 21 and found a sweet pair of mid-waist, pastel jeans for a good price. However, what I received was a pair of Barbie pink, high waisted jeans!! I had that "Ugghh not again" feeling you get when something you order isn't quite what you wanted, but when I tried them on I was pleasantly surprised! I will be somewhat reluctantly keeping them ;) And yes, ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your hats: I am a secret sucker for graphic print t-shirts. I really like this one over at Hello Grace! Unfortunately, preppy skirts and cute blouses don't work on summer bike rides and flee market trips, and sometimes a girl's gotta pull out her mom jeans! 

I would also like to respond quickly to what Guin discussed in her last post. It's so easy to rush into life and leave ourselves as our last priorities, winding up depending on others to hold us up when we find it to be too much. While outside support is important, you are ultimately responsible for your own happiness. Carving out time to take care of ourselves should be an instrumental part of any process. That takes different forms for everyone - for me it is sitting down and doing something creative that I enjoy, like knitting or blogging. For others that might be taking a break from productivity! Like Guin said, it is a balancing act, and I don't think it's something you can ever be perfect at, but it is certainly worth working on! 

-t-shirt, old, Joe Fresh
-pink jeans, F21
-flats, old, Old Navy
-satchel, Globo
-straw hat, old, F21


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