Guin: Time, Work and Happiness. Oh, and comfy clothes.

You know, I really enjoy blogging. I am also so lucky to be part of a blog. I am even more blessed with such a brilliant, hard working and understanding partner (S.O to you Emma,.) The whole idea of a blog is so exciting, and thinking about posting makes me excited... Except I always find excuses not to do it. This is not the same as finding excuses not to do my math homework, because 80% of the time I know those excuses are dumb and are blatantly false. These excuses are things that are seemingly important, for example my math homework. I get so caught up in school and when I have a second to relax I am too tired to be productive and so I nap.I then waste my time to an extreme. I will spend hours of my time after writing three papers for school on You Tube or Instagram. And let's be honest anyone with social media can tell you however great the communities may be,  wasting excessive amounts of time online puts you in a dark place. I also suffer severely from SAD and also live away from home. So I try to pretend like nothing is wrong and just use studying and watching videos as a way to not be in reality. In short, it is so sad that there are things that seem so fun and exciting like this brilliant blog that I could be doing and being productive but I am intimidated by it because it involves me putting myself out there.

I was just studying for history while simultaneously watching a TED talk and thought to myself, "Guin go and make a blog post" so that's what I am doing. I have recently been trying to put school third after my friends and myself. It's hard but very fulfilling. To feel a sort of detachment to school (still exerting intense effort, of course) especially during this stressful time of exams is so... peaceful. I guess what I am trying to say is, do things you love, and do them well. Do things you need to do and do them well, but not at the cost of those things you love. I theoretically should be studying the object, knowledge, will and circumstance in relation to judging the morality of actions but a blog post was more important. I studied all day, you my people are more important  my hardworking partner Emma is more important. My mental health and happiness are more important. Another tip, be grateful. It makes a whole world of difference.

So, quickly this post is very appropriate for the above little snippet of my life. It was a weekend away where I was giving talks at a leadership seminar. I had many hours to myself alone in nature. I did a lot of writing and self reflection. I have found a new appreciation for nature but I will make a post about that soon.

Quick shout out to my first  time taking my own photos 

What I am Wearing 

(again guys this outfit was a comfy super chill outfit)
-Converse-Little Burgundy
-Boyfriend Jeans-Joe Fresh 
-Burgundy Cardigan-H&M
Flannel- Men's Joe Fresh 


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