Emma: Who Cares?

The other day, I was telling Gabriel about all the things I think of/worry about when I choose my outfits each morning. Do I look too edgy/girly/nerdy/old-fashioned/rebellious/boho/hipster/preppy/ectcetera in this? After listening to me as compassionately as Mr. T-Shirt and Jeans could, he responded with "That sounds exhausting!". And yes, yes it is exhausting. I touched on this insecurity in a previous post, but I feel like it merits some more discussion.  One of the main ways to express our individuality is through our clothing. The manner in which we choose to present ourselves to the world is important in revealing how we think of  and choose to identify ourselves. As most people we see on a daily basis don't get to know us personally, this gives a certain amount of importance to what your clothing is saying about you. It's your "Hey, this is me!" neon sign. And here enters fear over what others think. If clothing is my way of expressing my identity, what if I don't do it well enough and people misinterpret what I'm trying to say? I often worry that I look like I'm trying too hard, or that my clothes need less personality! I don't believe that I'm the only one who feels this way, and I think that this is something many people who are into fashion deal with. However, we need to remember that how we dress is a manifestation of how we perceive ourselves, and if we are satisfied with that then that is all that truly matters! You cannot jump into the brains of others to wire how they think about you. Focus on how you think of yourself, and the rest will matter less. That is for sure easier said than done, but as a community I believe that we can work against this unnecessary anxiety. 

-dress, Closet London via Modcloth, sold out
-denim jacket, Old Navy
-bag, Globo
-sandals, old, Target
-hat, old, F21


  1. WOW. This is amazing, so true and so relatable.
    Also not to mention looking fly.


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