Emma: All But the Weather

As soon as September hits, it is autumn in my little universe. I have already stocked up on some pumpkin puree and cinnamon, with several spiced drinks in mind! I've also been focusing on getting some true basic style pieces for this season, such as this burgundy floppy hat and cream lace blouse! But, I have a secret. I snapped both of these up from kids' departments! As a small person, things like hats and loose-fitting tops tend to be just a tad too large, and a quick browse through the children's section at a store can really lend some awesome finds. Sadly, however much I may believe so, my burgundy hat and denim jacket won't make the weather cool down any sooner... 

-hat: Winners kids' section
-denim jacket: old, Old Navy
-lace blouse: H&M kids
-tote bag: H&M
-jeans: Old Navy
-flats: old, F21
-glasses: old, idea


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