Guin: Spanish vibes

 I've been the busiest bee this past September. Travelling to and from Montreal for work, trying to balance school and other commitments. But I've got to say all this business has lead to me understand my style better than ever before. I've had the chance to be in all kinds of different situations, business calls, fashion workshops, speaking at different engagements. I've noticed that what I feel most comfortable in is anything even remotely Spanish. The simple and classy style leaves me feeling so fly. 

One thing I've really been loving is wearing my hair down. I'm growing out the shaved side of my hair. In an effort to look less crazy I've been covering my oddly length-ed side with my normal length hair. I have a new appreciation for frizz-ease products and tons of conditioner. Letting my curls loose has really helped me grow in confidence and allowed me to be more genuine. 

I've weaned myself from the top button: I've go to say.. I love this new look

These shoes! Not only are they so incredibly comfortable, I have never been more complimented on anything in my entire life! The suede curved detailing is what sold these beauties, can we also talk about that they are burgundy? These loafers have up-ed all my outfits and really add to my style! (Emma encouraged me to buy them! I owe everything to you girl!) 

Gotta love dead foliage

Also shoutout to my fab photographer Juliana who also has a blog! I mentioned her in a recent post. She made this look possible by lending me the amazing chunky sweater and amazing collared shirt! I think I'm going to have get my own...

Shirt: Old Navy, here
Sweater: borrowed, similar
Pants: old, Forever 21, similar
Shoes: Zara, here


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