Emma: Mid-January Favourites 2017

I was going to wait until the end of the month to round up some of my favourite things this January, but I've been enjoying so many nice things lately and I couldn't wait to share! I've been loving anything and everything blush pink lately, so that's a pretty clear theme in most of these items! 

In terms of clothing, I've been feeling much more creative and inspired by the items I already own! I made it a little goal of mine to hold off on buying any new clothing until February, partly to save money, and also so that I can sort of consolidate what I already have in order to buy more intelligently next month! I've been living in cozy turtlenecks like this big cream coloured one from Vero Moda. A year ago, had you told me I'd be wearing a pink 70s inspired miniskirt, I'd have thought you were crazy! But here I am, adoring this little number. It has rose gold buttons, which are just the perfect touch. This is surprisingly warm and is made of stretchier denim, which makes it comfy for class.
Sweater: Vero Moda, similar. Skirt: F21

In terms of makeup, I've been really loving this contour palette from Tarte! I've probably mentioned how much I love Tarte as a brand before, but I hadn't tried any of their face products yet. Guin gave me a Sephora gift card for Christmas (Thank you, Guin!!!!!), and this was one of the things I got for myself with it! I really like how little and compact it is, and the shades are great! This palette has one contour shade, "chisel", and two highlighters, "burst" and "gleam". I'm not sure that "chisel" is the best contour shade as it's a bit too warm-toned, but both highlights in this palette are gorgeous! I've also been loving this blush pink nail varnish from Pretty Woman in the shade "I'm not a ballerina". It matches all my other blush pink things!

One of my favourite things about being on break from school is getting to read books just for fun! This is a little book I picked up from a local used book store, called Read My Lips, A Cultural History of Lipstick. I love reading or watching documentaries on the evolution of fashion and makeup throughout history, so this book was such a great find! 

In terms of skincare, I've really been suffering from dehydrated skin. This balm cleanser from The Body Shop has been such a good addition to my skincare routine! It's so rich and soothing on the skin, and the chamomile gives it such a relaxing scent. I like to use this at night after taking off my makeup with a micellar water just to give some hydration back to my skin. I've also been loving this body lotion from the Green Beaver Company. This is one of my favourite all-natural skincare brands, and they're local for me which is great! This body lotion kind of smells like the forest, but it is so thick and deeply nourishing! I use this at night and my skin just feels so soft and happy when I wake up. 

Something else that I've been loving these past few weeks are cozy bralettes! I love wearing them under chunky, cozy sweaters. I especially adore this blush pink high-neck one from Aerie! It's so cozy and the lace looks really cute as a layering piece under a shirt. I also snapped up these adorable mittens from Chapters Indigo at an amazing sale price! They're lined with soft fluff and the wrist ribbing is extendible which makes them great for keeping warm! Also, just because Christmas is over, that shouldn't mean I need to stop enjoying peppermint mochas! I got these instant latte pouches at a discount at Winners, and while they're not as delicious as the real deal, they're just a lot of fun!

Last but definitely not least, this watch from Olivia Burton was Gabe's Christmas gift to me <3 I can't even describe how perfect it is. The band is blush pink , and all the hardware is the most beautiful rose gold, which matches the markings on the watch face. I've been wearing this nearly every day, I just can't look at it enough! 


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