Guin: A bit of a rainy evening

I suffer a lot this time of year with seasonal depression. It's not really very much of a big deal, it just takes so much more effort to find motivation to do anything. Personally I find strength in many things, like my faith, friends, and family . I was thinking of doing a post that reflected my average life this time of year for me: pretty busy, a little grey, but full of beautiful people who help me through these longer winter months. 

Through this post I also wanted to try and take away some of the pressure on people who have blogs or are influenced by blog culture. Sometimes it can stressful if it seems you're not living up to your style, or the aesthetic of your life might not be quite blog-worthy. For me, this often is what causes me to post less often than I would like to. In this post I wanted to show every day Guin: my usual busy life and my more grunge style. My no makeup and tons of homework side. 

Today, I went to study at the Toronto Reference library (a place that I will miss so much when I leave the city in 2 years). I went with two of the greatest people I know. Their smiles helped me more than they know! This library is massive and cozy and is such a great working environment. There's nothing I love better than being bundled up, with a coffee and an exciting history project (shoutout to Emma #historynerdsforlife) in an exciting library!

Between the three of us we had about 30 books on one table!
I hope this more honest and real post will inspire others to also find strength in being themselves and not be afraid to show the world how their lives really can be! I'd like to make a quick shoutout to my backpack (here) which has been the best accessory of 2017 so far! It matches everything and is just so beautiful! You will be seeing more of it soon! 


  1. Awwww guin!!!! I absolutely love this post! Totally support no makeup, everyday life posts!!🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 love this❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thank you hooliana juliana! Can't wait to see your next post ;) You're the best girl!

  2. Oh Guin, loved this true and heartwarming day from your life! With blogging/You Tube/Instagram etc we often want to present the best versions of ourselves, which let's face it only adds up to <5% of the reality... Thank you for sharing the other 95% with us! 😄


    1. Thank you so much Sumeyye!!!! You inspire me all the time, in being so genuine and incredible!


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