Emma: No Makeup Day

Now that my winter semester has begun, I find myself longing for days when I had nothing to do but play with my kitten and watch Netflix. I am finding it hard to break the habit of curling up in bed with my laptop at night instead of doing my heaps of readings and assignments... Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge nerd and I love school! But there is definitely something about days where you don't do anything at all that are so refreshing. I'm also really loving the cozy aesthetic right now and I haven't gone a day without wearing a big cozy sweater and wrapping myself up in warm scarves. I've also really been appreciating simply not wearing makeup recently. It feels so much more comfortable and relaxing, like I don't need to worry about that part of my outfit. I still love makeup, but it's been nice to let my face breathe lately!

sweater: aerie
boyfriend jeans: Old Navy
teacup: Ikea


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