Guin: Boyfriend Jeans 3.0

If anyone knows me really well they will know that the loss of my light wash boyfriend jeans affected me far more than it should have. They ripped all along the inside seam from sitting cross-legged too often. (I obviously did not learn my lesson as in a photo below I'm sitting cross-legged *smh*) Two days ago, when I was doing some research for a blog post I was writing for work, I came across an ad for a sustainability campaign at Old Navy. I clicked on this campaign and starring straight at me were these jeans in all their boyfriend-lightwash-eco-friendly glory. Online they were on sale for 10$ off, and I made the decision that despite being on the pricier side, it was an investment I was happy to make. I decided to buy them in store, and was THRILLED to see that they had one pair left in my size, for 50% off! Guys, there always is a happy ending! 

Moving on from this very exciting story about my new jeans. I'm really happy with the way these photos came out. The brother that usually takes my photos (I have six... brothers that is) was away on camp so I asked a different brother, and he may be my new go-to. I also edited these photos for the first time. This post has just been an overall massive success. 

The above chair and laptop is how and where I've spent most of my summer. My work is all based online and I spend six hours in front of a screen. However, the internet does not reach the desk in my room, so what I do is work outside because a) for some odd reason the internet reaches outside and b) why not take advantage of the many hours of sitting- to get a tan. This summer has been an overall really great summer. I received some great news in terms of my health and have connected with some amazing people. I'm very, very grateful. 

My baby bro was wildly unimpressed
What I'm wearing 
Blouse: Zara, sold out 
T-Shirt: Very old men's shirt from my father 
Jeans: Old Navy, here 
Shoes: Zara, sold out
Watch: Sears 


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