Emma: The Yes Woman (or not)

A basic striped t-shirt normally shouldn't spark a philosophical discussion about opportunities and commitments, but that is what has happened, folks! If you know Guin, you know that she is the ultimate yes-man, who takes on any opportunity. I, however, am far from that. A perfectionist through and through, I find it extremely difficult to take on new projects or follow new paths simply because I am afraid of just not being good enough at it. While my t-shirt presents a cheery affirmative outlook with its embroidered "Yep!", a rather Canadian way of saying yes, I have a difficult time doing so myself. 

I wish I was better at jumping into new things, involving myself in projects. This applies for myself too: I aspire to be a fiction writer, but I am so afraid of failure that I just cannot begin. Of course, there is a limit when it comes to saying yes. It's not difficult to become overwhelmed with commitments and projects, and lose yourself in the process. I also want to be more genuine, both online and in person. That last part isn't super related to this whole accepting-new-opportunities-thing, but it came to mind and I felt like saying it 😋 
This isn't a negative post, surprisingly, it's more of a written commitment (yikes) to actually putting myself out there and being open to new experiences. And if I'm not perfect at them, which is inevitable, I'll have learned. And that is the most valuable thing. Other than chocolate. And also friends. 

Also, shoutout to Guin's photo skills which have been improving by the day 👏👏👏

-t-shirt: Old Navy
-jeans: Asos
-sandals: F21, super old
-bag: Winners, not available online
-glasses: Not available online

Guin's nearly successful super ultra artsy photo, and my "don't laugh, keep it together" face


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