Come Blogging With Us!

Hello everyone! Today's post is special, not only because we are actually with each other in person, but because there is a video on Emma's youtube channel where you can follow our day of blogging and coffee. But here is the blog post, for those old fashioned folk who prefer their pictures to be stationary 😉 

Emma: This outfit has sort of become my "I wish it was autumn already" uniform. Mom jeans, white top, oxfords and a chunky cardigan for good measure. The blouse I'm wearing is actually a crop top from H&M, but as a small human it fits me like an ordinary shirt would! I especially love the button detail down the back. 

I've really been enjoying the casual, neutral combination of white tops, midwash denim and the rusty tones of these oxfords. The colours balance out rather well and have a bit of an earthy feel, making them perfect for late summer and early autumn. I've had these shoes for awhile, they were a birthday gift from Gabe last year! I'm so glad that they're finally getting the wear they deserve.  

Guin: I'm really thrilled to pieces to show you guys this new piece! I've been super stingy this summer in terms of spending any money (mostly because I have none to spend) but this is one purchase I've made that I'm very excited about. This piece is a shirt/dress that is a colour I've always loved. I bought it at an obscure shop at the mall near my house. It is handmade in Italy and is completely socially sustainable. All people involved in the fabrication of this item were paid daily and treated well! Similarly to Emma, I wish it were a bit cooler, but I'm very grateful for the sun so that I can get my tan on!

I feel like such a fancy gal with this epic cape-like back
Disregard the face, it was a bad day in terms of modelling :") 
This summer has been a bit difficult, in the best of ways! I've been very busy all of the time spending time with amazing people, and have spent more time ill, than healthy. However a perk of being busy is that I get to invent new and exciting outfit pieces! I have been repurposing items meant for colder seasons, and made them into summer pieces! Summer is such a good opportunity to find creative ways to dress well, while staying cool. (However I usually am a ball of sweat, despite the effort)

If you look closely you will notice a mosquito attacking my leg.

P.S I cut my hair and I cannot wait to show y'all in my next post! 
After this rather mosquito-filled photoshoot, we went to get some desperately needed coffee and just enjoyed each other's company 💕

And here is the video we made that follows our day! Please check it out, and you can go to Emma's youtube channel here! 

Emma's Outfit:
-shirt: H&M, sold out, similar
-mom jeans: Asos 
-oxfords: Modcloth
-cardigan: F21
-glasses: Asos, sold out, similar
-backpack: Fjallraven Kanken

Guin's Outfit:
-fancy shmancy shirt: not available online
-jeans: Old Navy
-shoes: Costco, similar
-purse: Fossil, sold out


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