Guin: A bit of embroidery

My concept with this outfit was a classy, elegant look and a touch of edge with my Converse. I love wearing my Converse with basically all my outfits, and adore how much they match with practically everything. I also have to say, these shoes are the only ones that get cooler as they get older. I love the faded white look. 

I would be lying if I said I wasn't in love with this embroidery trend. This top was a Christmas gift from the one and only Emma. I love embroidery for so many reasons! To begin it is just so beautiful. I've always had a thing for floral prints, but always found myself not buying any because it was too tacky. This leads me to my second fav thing about this trend, its the perfect fusion of street fashion and classic style. I could pair this with literally any bottom! 

You might be thinking bottom piece is a skirt but: you would be deceived! This is my t-shirt dress, which you might remember from last year's Easter post! I don't wear this dress enough, and took it out and thought to myself, "How would this look as a skirt?" I have to say I was not disappointed! The material of this dress is very similar to that of sweatpants, this makes for changing out of it after going out, totally unnecessary! I don't even have to Sacrifice comfort for style with this beauty! 

Let's be real: I was cold
Top: Zara, sold out
Dress: Old Navy
watch: Geneva Online


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