Guin: Just a little less casual

Just me n' my shovel 
Disclaimer: I haven't been this excited about a post in a very long time. Truth be told, this was my Easter outfit! To mass in the morning I was wearing heels. Then it came time to leave for a family get-together and the concept of wearing heels all day was not attractive. Two days prior I had purchased these super cute white sneakers. I looked at them in all their memory foam glory and decided that this was going to be my Easter look. Let me tell you- it was a decision I most certainly did not regret. 

I really loved this look. I do love to wear dresses and skirts. They're very fun and for certain occasions they are the right thing to wear. This outfit, is both dressy and comfortable, and the lace detailing makes it feminine enough. I also just genuinely felt comfortable in my own skin wearing this. I also feel as though this is an outfit where I was channelling my Spanish vibes. I also felt very put-together. Often I will feel awkward and uncomfortable in things I'm wearing, I'll feel as though I've tried too hard and look terrible, but I didn't feel like that at all with this outfit! 

Where am I walking?
I took these photos at home in Montreal. I want to take this opportunity to address the usage of the word 'home'. I believe in a prior post, (I could just be dreaming) I was talking about not understanding where my home was and what home means. Recently I've been referring to going back to Montreal as 'going to visit my family' and been referring to returning to Toronto as 'going home'. This has been an entirely unconscious decision and when I caught myself doing this I was slightly confused. I love Toronto so very much, as a city it is fantastic. The people I have the privilege  of surrounding myself with and the opportunities that have been placed in front of me, are truly a gift. However, more than anything else my friends and especially my family, in Montreal, mean the world to me. Today, in speaking with some friends I came to the conclusion "I wish the Montreal people could move to Toronto" In short, I'm lucky enough to be surrounded with love in two cities and I miss them when I'm in either cities, and I'm grateful to have this problem. 

I dab 

I'm literally the silliest 
What I'm wearing:
Jacket: San Fransisco, old
Pants: Zara
Shirt: Simons, old
Shoes: Costco 


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