Emma: Fairylike

I am far from being a model. 5'1 and non-Victoria's Secret body aside, I just don't have the attitude! I can't gaze at the camera with a nonchalante eye and not look like I want to murder someone. I can't stand in a perfectly flattering, relaxed manner. I can barely pose for a photo without tripping over my own feet! But that doesn't mean that I can't look hella cute and feel awesome in what I wear. 

This dress is notably weird. It has crazy ruffles and is ultra-sheer, which lets the slip underneath shine. It has black crochet on the bodice and wide, ruffled sleeves. But it makes me feel like a gosh darn fairy! I find that the black on it makes it a little bit more modern, and worn down with a denim jacket and crossbody bag it's just perfect for spring. I added a thin black belt just to complement the lace and make the shape a little bit more spring-appropriate. I also love how pretty and dainty the floral is! It reminds me of 12th century tapestry print, and that makes my nerd self very happy. 

-dress: F21
-denim jacket: Old Navy, sold out, similar
-crossbody bag: Olivia + Joy via Winners, similar
-lace up flats: old, Winners, similar, similar
-glasses: Bonlook


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