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I would be lying if I said I wasn't incredibly intimidated by this kind of post. Emma has been amazing with posting this kind of more lifestyle/not-fashion posts. I can't explain how many times I've tried to take photos of books or stationary, and it's failed terribly. Recently, (well yesterday) I walked into my room and the natural light shining on my desk was perfect for taking photos. I decided it was time to tackle my fear of taking photos other than those of outfits. Here it is- hopefully the first of many- my desk tour. 

I love desk space. It is a space that, when organized, can become a person's niche. I do not like clutter, but I love decoration. Small things like these fairy lights, or the pin board are not in-your-face but are details I love oh so very much. You can find all kinds of things on my desk (depending on the task at hand) What you see here would be what you would find on a work day. This lamp, is an antique, and despite being the only thing on my desk like it, I think it fits in perfectly. One thing is for sure, you'll always either find a warm (and sometimes cold) cup of coffee on my desk- I'm a low key addict. 

I used to say, that Apple products were a rip-off, and Apple forced vertical integration on their customers, as a ploy to make more money. Then, last August I made the switch from all Android products to all Apple products and I have never looked back. Emma and I agree that for that we use our Macs for, it is the best machine. Word processing, photo and video editing and blogging on macs is a walk in the park. Their programs are incredibly user-friendly and they incredibly reliable. It is true that they are not the best machine for every job, but for my basic needs my MacBook does a really incredible job. 

This Agenda was a gift from Emma at the beginning of the school year. As a high school student, my school gives me an agenda at the beginning of the year. So for the first two months of school I used one agenda for school and the other for things outside of school. That had a weird effect on my life where I felt very divided (I over analyze things- most people don't experience a crisis when they use two agendas, I however, did.) So I switched to using one agenda, and naturally I chose the more beautiful one! The faux-marble finish and the rose gold print is just the most beautiful. What more can I say! 

I'm a rather sentimental person, and love to keep little memories around to make me smile. I also love those little inspirational messages you find on Pinterest. This board is a fusion of both those things! My good friend Juliana last July sent me a package of all the little messages you see above as well the adorable kitten. The bull key chain was a gift from a great Spanish friend of mine (Spain is my favourite country, and the Spanish flag emoji is one of my top-ten most used emoji), the El Salvador guitar was a gift from a girl I met at a leadership conference in Boston November 2015. This little board always brightens up my day! 

I'd also like to make a quick shoutout to my shelving unit from IKEA. It has been one of the most incredible things. As I share a room with my two sisters there is little in the way of surface area for any of my possessions (especially as I'm home three of the twelve months of the year) These shelves are an excellent way to store and keep things without having to add a big set of drawers or invading the already full closet. 


  1. AWWWW I LOVE this! Thanks for the shoutout! <3 Looks Great!


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