Emma: Too Original

This is the kind of outfit that, just a year ago, would have given me cold sweats to wear. Not because the skirt is short and tight or because I don't like the pieces, but because I believed that this kind of outfit was "not my style", that it would be "too hipster" or "too teenagery"; essentially just too anything. I was intensely concerned with labels that were associated with fashion choices, such as being hipster, gothic, preppy, feminine, etc. In an effort to avoid being labelled as anything I didn't consider myself to be, I wound up straying away from clothing with any personality. 

I think that fashion can be an incredible tool in expressing who you are, but when how others might interpret your clothing takes over your thoughts about fashion, it ceases to be helpful. All of the items in this outfit, to me, would have been such a no a year ago. Beige turtleneck? Too basic. Button-down skirt? Too grunge. Embroidery? Too hipster. Tassel loafers? Too vintage. None of these things are me!  But neither are any other fashion labels, really. Once I discovered body positivity, I started thinking less about how others view how I dress and chose to focus more on dressing in a way that makes me feel awesome and confident. I was holding myself back from trying so many new things, which I can now confirm do not change who I am. And if people judge you for what you wear, you don't want them in your life anyways. 

This outfit is definitely hopeful for spring. I love this little embroidered skirt! It has actual functional pockets (!!!!) and is the perfect piece for any season, really. While winter is my favourite season, I can't help but excitedly await blooms and green grass to start appearing once the never-ending snow melts... 

sweater: Newlook
skirt: F21
tassel loafers: Zara
glasses: Bonlook


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