Guin: Back to School (What I would wear if I didn't have a uniform)

Back to school is here and that means bringing out the best in your wardrobe. But who am I kidding, I wear a uniform, and I don't get to participate in all the beautiful new back-to-school trends. I can pretend though! However, there are two very exciting things about my uniform this year. The first of those two things is that it is a completely new and improved uniform. (Which according to the school administration I designed... however I don't remember ever doing that...) The second very exciting thing about my uniform this year is my new school shoes, I ordered them online and they are the most beautiful patten leather oxfords! I'll feature them in a post soon!

Many things have been changing in the past month. The friendships that I have have become deeper and more authentic, and I'm starting to see some improvement in my people pleasing tendencies. I'm beginning to make choices for the right reason, and taking advice in a more objective way. Sometimes, when people give me advice I will immediately put it into practice, without any second thoughts. This makes for unhealthy dependencies and the constant need for affirmation, recently I've found myself thinking objectively and contemplating what is the best thing to do when I have to make a decision. This school year will be a great one.

Red Leaves ayyyyyyy autumn is on its way

What I'm Wearing:
Dress: Thrifted 
Cardigan: Winners, sold out
Backpack: The Bay, here 
Shoes: Payless, remarkably old


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