Guin: A look, not a legacy

So- I need glasses. However, my reason for needing glasses is quite unique. I don't need them for any type of vision issue, I need them for protection. I only have vision in one eye, and it's important that I make sure nothing bad happens to it. I'm saying this, mainly as a justification for wearing glasses without a prescription. Emma gave me these glasses, one week before heading back to Toronto. Despite their relative unpopularity, I wore them all week and haven't stopped! They're so dainty, and I think they really suit my face shape.

I do, however, believe they're a look not a legacy. I guess what I mean by that is I don't want these glasses to define my personality or my style. They are certainly quite a unique piece that works with some outfits, but not all of them. I don't want to be "Guin. the one with the circle glasses" I would prefer to be "Guin, the one with a cool style" (among other things of course) Sometimes, I can associate too much with one piece of clothing or one specific look (for example the top button on collars- which I'm coincidentally wearing in this look...)

Let's quickly address this outfit, which is quirky to say the least. I kid you not, I walked upstairs and one of Toronto sisters (one of the daughters of the family I stay with in Toronto) asked "Guin. did you get dressed with the lights off?" I replied that I was going for a Japanese street style look and I thought the colours really go well together. I still stand by both of those things and kind of life this outfit for its quirkiness.

I'd also like to address the quality of these photos. They were taken by an incredibly talented friend of mine named Meg (Margaret). She's an art student, taking photography courses to some degree (she always downplays her talent, but she's amazing!) Hopefully I'll be working with her more, because she needs an object for her photographs, and maybe I can deliver better quality photos!

What I'm Wearing:
Sweater: Antique
Tunic/dress: Not available online
Jeans: Old Navy, here
Glasses: Forever 21, here


  1. LOVE THE PHOTOGRAPHY! Nice job Meg <3 Love this guin


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